We are a small Ranch in South Central British Columbia, dedicated to raising Baskir Curly Horses and Registered Miniature Hereford Cattle.

We fill in our spare time by also raising Katahdin and St.Croix 'hair' Sheep as well as Spanish Cashmere/Nubian and Boer/Nubian cross Goats.


The Horses:

Because they're not like any other breed, our way of

Raising and Breeding our Curly Horses goes back to the

standards set forth and ideas fostered by some of the

Old Time Curly Breeders.

They include: The Damele Family

                 Joe Mead

                 Verlin Rau

                 and most of all Sunny Martin


The Cattle:

We are fairly new to the Miniature Hereford's, but with 2 registered

Bulls from two different Reg'd Breeders and a group of girls (registered

and registerable) we're getting addicted !


The Other Critters:

Our Sheep and Goats are the result of years of crossbreeding and

retain the desirable traits of each breed.

Looks, Build, Personality they have it all!  Raised Natural, Grass and

Browse fed with light grain. We cut back from kidding/lambing twice a

year to only once.  Its easier on the mom's and us !